Thursday, January 4, 2007


After running th system for a while and checking the BIOS I think I have a pretty good handle on average temperatures for the system.


8800 70C
Proc 1 55C
Proc 2 55C
Motherboard 60C

These go up a few degress while playing games - but for the most part this is sustainable.

Note that while playing single threaded games the system utilization is only about 30%.


TheKhalif said...

Cool site. I'm thinking about upgrading to this soon and this is all real good info, rather than a bunch of negatives.

I guess these temps are with the OC you applied? That's not bad at all. Another question I'd like to ask though is if you are looking at those 2x2GB DRR2 chips.

I'm wondering because it's a toss-up for me between QFX and 6000+. I would only get 6000+ if QFX doesn't support 8GB RAM.

Anyay, also have you loked at water cooling? I know that most of the pre-built systems are using water, which will cut down on heat and noise.

Even though I'm not OCing, I may go with water just to kill the noise. My 4400+ with a 7800GT is loud enough.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. How much electricity does it use? Get Kill-A-Watt