Sunday, March 18, 2007

Goodbye NVidia

Almost two and a half months after the launch of Vista we don't have fully operational 8800 drivers. In addition, the platform drivers are of questionable quality as well.

This is in my opinion, inexcusable.

There are a number of others who are quite peeved, most notably the forum goers over at the once operational ( I wonder where the site went? ). Though you can pretty much find a rant just by typing "8800 GTX Vista" into google.

So I've decided that when the R600 rolls out (I'm willing to be a little patient) I'm going to make the switch.

With any luck we will see a motherboard from ATI/AMD for the 4x4 platform sometime soon as well.

I hope that others who have NVidia products and are displeased will choose differently on their next purchases. Short of some sort of legal action, the only way we can show our dissatisfaction is by purchasing another product.


Anonymous said...

That's main reason why i didn't get vista right away is precisely because of the driver situation,wich with a new O/S always takes a few months to sort out until they're half decent...Vista is even worse in this case,because the driver model is completely different relative to XP and Win 2000 pro,wich both use the NT kernel.

I've had bad experiences in the past with driver issues when windows 2000 pro and WinXP were first released,and in in those cases as well,it took time to sort them out...

Anonymous said...

Are done with this blog?