Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For a platform that "launched" on November 30th it's awfully hard to find the components to build a 4x4 system.

I started the search for CPU's and the motherboard on or around December 16th. I found a handful (about 5) companies that actually listed the components. I found that the motherboards were available in limited quantities, but the processors were no where to be found!

To further frustrate my efforts to build one of these systems, the AMD Press Release published here names Newegg as one of the "Launch" suppliers yet, Newegg had no knowledge of these processors or the motherboard. Note: It seems that the Newegg launch was actually December 27th and they are currently available for purchase.

What was irritating was that there were four system manufacturers listed in that press release as well - they all listed at least one 4x4 system on their site. I didn't actually try to order one, but I did call to see if they would sell me just the processors :) The answer was no, of course.

The reason I found this irritating was that there was only one retail launch partner and four system builders. AMD would have us believe that the 4x4 platform is for "enthusiasts". So I have to wonder what self respecting enthusiast is going to have some one else build their PC for them? Yeah... that's what I thought too. The system builders are not your bread and butter AMD!

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